Friday, December 13, 2013

003. Baby It's Cold Outside

Well, It's getting close to Christmas and each day I feel more and more like a kid, Is that bad? Christmas has always been a time filled with the best memories because (going to quote from a movie) It's the one time of year that everybody can put aside their differences and get along. Ok, maybe not everybody but those that knows the true meaning of Christmas. Enough rambling for now. Been busy in RL decorating and driving my neighbors mad by blasting Christmas music did you know there is a station that plays it 24/7 until New Years? I don't know if all states/cities has but where I do do.

LAQ ~ Minna [Nougat]
>TRUTH< January w/Roots - frappuccino  (before retexture)
LMD Tracy Sweater Dress M Penguin ( Part of the 12 days of Christmas also comes with the Penguin and without)
[ SAKIDE ] Invern Boots Base ( FROST Event )
Mayfly - Liquid Light Mesh Eyes (Rainshower Shadow)
- DAMNED - Liner 1  //  Bold
[PM] Sculpted Nail V2 - Platinum Edition V2 : Gloss
Pose - .[ pose+ivity ]. Cara1
Picture Location - North Pole Village

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